Opening of the exhibition at the Auditorium Rainier III in Monte-Carlo

On the 4th of may 2011 me, Eva, Alberto and Maurizio went to Monte-Carlo to set up the exhibition at the Auditorium Rainier III. At the beginning we’ve had a few practical problems hanging the 8 panoramic pictures of the eight cities we’ve visited (120×80 cm each) on the balcony of the auditorium’s foyer.

On the other hand, the easy part of the job was that of putting the 48 portraits of the young people (60×40 cm each) on the music stands that the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra kindly lent us for the exhibition. After that Maurizio mixed up all the pictures according to his visual sensitivity.

At the end of the day the result was excellent!

On the 5th of may the exhibition opened. At the entrance we gave to the public a paper with all the thumbnailed portraits, captioned with the most significant sentence that each of the interviewee told us about the city where he or she lives.

The idea of mixing up the pictures was that of having the public guess, through a multiple-choice question, the origin of each person portraied. We wanted to have the visitors focus on the images and realize how young people of the Mediterranean in 2011 are really close one to the other, no matter the country they live in. I think the response of the public was really great!


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