MEDPEOPLE turns into a music concert!!!


«L’écriture des notes est la même au nord comme au sud, à l’est comme à l’ouest de la Méditerranée»

As part of its activities in collaboration with Anna Lindh Foundation and with the support of the Government of Montecarlo, the Monaco Méditerranée Foundation launched in 2011 the photojournalistic project MEDPEOPLE. This year we have chosen a different tool, a universal one, to help create a better dialogue between the Mediterranean people. We have turned the MEDPEOPLE project into a music concert with the participation of Amrie Saurel,  the New Trio of Corsican polyphony Soledonna and the Moroccan group Tagada. The concert will be held at the Théâtre des Variétés of Montecarlo on thursday, November 29, 2012. The show is free, for booking please contact the MMF.

Hope you have the chance to be with us and enjoy it!!!


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