The project

A perspective on the Mediterranean youth


MEDPEOPLE is a project that tries to define where are, along the path to self-fulfilment, the young people of this region. It also tries to create, through the answers they gave to our questions, a profile of the big cities where they live and that share a common space around a Sea that’s always been characterized by many physical and mental boarders.

MEDPEOPLE is a book published by Monaco Méditerranée Foundation, in collaboration with Anna Lindh Foundation and thanks to the support of Groupe Caisse des Dépôts. It was launched in may, at the opening of the exhibition at the Auditorium Rainier III in Monte-Carlo, the home base of MMF. An involving exhibition, where all the pictures have been placed on orchestra’s lecterns and mixed up like a Domino to invite the visitors to play a who’s-from-where game, having to match the people photographed with the place where they live only by observing the portraits and reading the most significant statments they made about their cities.

MEDPEOPLE is a touring project. We are looking for institutions, foundations, galleries or partners willing to help us bring the exhibition in all the cities where we have worked during the production of the project and any other as well. If interested in sponsoring, hosting or organizing an exhibition and/or launching the book in your city, please contact one of the authors.


All text © Alberto D’Argenzio. All pictures © Nanni Fontana. All rights reserved. No text or photograph can be published or reproduced, totally or partially, in any way without the written authorization of the Monaco Méditerranée Foundation or the Authors.


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